Event & Activity

Cultural Society :

The institute lays due emphasis over co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, with this very purpose various clubs have been formed. The clubs bring forth group-work, leadership skills, creativity, hard work, and general camaraderie in an entertaining way. Each club is led by a faculty coordinator. Following are the various students clubs formed:

Following are the various students clubs in formed :

  • Finance Club
  • Marketing Club
  • Entrepreneurship Club
  • HR Club
  • Systems Club
  • Creative and Cultural Club

Mentoring and Counselling :

The institute’s mentoring program aims at providing professional advice and information to all students so as to smoothen their entry to the corporate world, lending confidential support to students in any matter, that may cause concern, such as anxiety, stress etc.

National Service Scheme :

The NSS unit of Mascot College is involved in inculcating the feelings of empathy and self-extension among students. To uphold and promote the values of communal harmony, patriotism, and national integration among students and community members through NSS activities. The NSS unit aims at awareness Program related to education, HIV/AIDS prevention, plantation, cleanliness and blood donation etc.

Wall Magazine :

MGI,s ‘Knowledge Plus’- The Wall Magazine, a maiden effort by the MASCOTians, is the result of hard work and creative and innovative outpouring from the literary Society.

The Wall Magazine has been named as ‘Knowledge Plus’ as it provides a forum to all MASCOTians, be it Managing Committee, Faculty members and Staff and students to express their views, hence spreading the fragrance of knowledge all around.

The areas in which Wall Magazine works:-

  • News
  • Thought of the Day
  • Buz Word
  • Humour / Cartoon
  • Crossword / Puzzle
  • Company Profile
  • Articles by MASCOTians
  • Campus News & issues